ANIMAL INTERACTIONS CHALLENGE: Have you fed a giraffe at the zoo, held a Koala or taught a parrot to say something back to you? Think of this as a bucket list for animal lovers. There are 50 ideas on this list, but my hope is that is just the beginning. There are several blank entries where you can add your own — experiences you’ve had that you want to remember or adventures you want to have in the future. Info | Purchase
ANIMAL SIGHTINGS CHALLENGE: Have you crossed paths with a bear in the woods, or been greeted in your driveway by a family of racoons? Have you been on safari to see the big cats or been transfixed by a murmuration of starlings above? Have you been dive-bombed by a cockroach or been digging for clams? Animals cross our paths everyday – sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes we search them out. Use this list to track these "Animals Sightings Worth Noting." Info | Purchase
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