TELEVISION SERIES TRACKER: Are you a fan of Friends? Seinfeld? West Wing? Have you binge-watched every episode of Schitz Creek? Use this printable insert to track the TV shows that you’ve seen and wish to remember for years to come, long after the show is off the air. Info | Purchase
WORKS OF ART TRACKER: Have you seen Picasso’s Guernica at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, or Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe at the National Portrait Gallery in London? Have you been moved by the Statue of David in Florence or amazed by one of Christo’s installations before he passed away? Art is everywhere—whether it’s a painting hanging in a gallery or a sculpture in the middle of the woods. Art can impress us, enrage us, bring us joy or just a lot of confusion. This printable tracks those works of art you’ve seen that you wish to remember, those “Works of Art Worth Noting.” Info | Purchase
THE ULTIMATE LIST - 300+ ICE CREAM INGREDIENTS, MIX-INS AND TOPPINGS: Who doesn’t love ice cream? I set out to compile the most comprehensive list out there of ice cream ingredients, toppings and mix-ins, of which there are many! I came up with 311 suggestions/ideas, at last count. They include the most common ingredients like chocolate chips, whipped cream and butterscotch sauce, but it also includes more unusual items like basil, balsamic vinegar, zucchini and bacon. There are fruits, nuts, cereals, flavorings (extracts), vegetables, alcohol, candies, cookies and other baked goods as well as spices, herbs, syrups and canned/jarred toppings. Use this list to inspire you when creating your own combinations, whether making ice cream from scratch or just mixing some fun ingredients into your favorite store-bought flavor. You can also use this list as a challenge by filling in the circles to the left of a listed ingredient once you’ve tried it in/on ice cream. Please note, I did not list existing ice cream flavor combinations (ie. Mint Cholate Chip, Black Raspberry Truffle) as the list is endless. I just listed out each ingredient individually. And just so you don’t forget …

Also included is an ice cream tracker where you can document the Sundae (topping combination) you enjoyed half way across the world, or the pint enjoyed straight from the freezer section of your local supermarket. Use this printable insert to keep track of the flavors and ingredient combinations you discover and/or want to remember — the “Ice Cream Worth Noting.” 
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ANIMAL INTERACTIONS CHALLENGE: Have you fed a giraffe at the zoo, held a Koala or taught a parrot to say something back to you? Think of this as a bucket list for animal lovers. There are 50 ideas on this list, but my hope is that is just the beginning. There are several blank entries where you can add your own — experiences you’ve had that you want to remember or adventures you want to have in the future. Info | Purchase
WINE (TASTING) TRACKER: There are folks who take their wine drinking quite seriously and treasure a fine glass of wine. Are you one of these people, or know someone who is? This printable tracks the wines you’ve tried and wish to remember for years to come—perhaps enjoying it again someday. Info | Purchase
COLLEGE | UNIVERSITY BUCKET LIST CHALLENGE: The college experience is more than classes and parties. It’s the chance to meet new people and experience new things out on your own for the first time. I’ve compiled this list of 90 things you can do as a student to get the most out of your experience and set yourself up for success in the future. This printable checklist includes activities that are both fun and productive. Info | Purchase
RESTAURANTS | CAFES TRACKER: There was that seafood shack on Chesapeake Bay with the incredible view, the bistro in L.A. with the perfectly cooked filet mignon, that eclectic diner on Route 66 with the most amazing Eggs Benedict. So many great meals and memorable moments! Keep track of the “Restaurants | Cafes Worth Noting,” with this Printable Insert.  Info | Purchase
CHOCOLATE TRACKER: Do you search out new chocolate everywhere you go, around town or when you’re traveling? Do you try new combinations and brands? There are bound to be some hits and misses along the way, but for those you want to remember and perhaps get again someday, this list keeps track of the “Chocolate Worth Noting.” This printable tracks the shop, brand and chocolatier, the country of origin, its special ingredients, the form it takes (bar, truffle, candies), the cacao content, where you can buy it and I have left a line where you can describe it. Have difficulty describing chocolate beyond “Yum”? I have provided you a list of words that will help you get a bit more specific. Info | Purchase
MUSICAL CHALLENGE: How many musicals have you seen? Whether it was a high school or summer theater production or on Broadway, this list helps you track those you’ve seen and those you want to put on your list for the future? This printable checklist includes some of the best-known musicals of today and of years past. There are additional blank entries where you can add additional musicals not included in the list. Info | Purchase
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